The Dobbins Group's philosophy of practice is founded on the concept of Strategic Project Planning. With every project, we thoroughly evaluate project objectives then, in concert with the client, we develop a Strategic Project Plan that matches services and team members to project needs. This commitment to strategic planning begins at the time a proposal is prepared and ends with the ribbon cutting ceremony.

The Dobbins Group believes that every aspect of a project requires a rigorous evaluation. We understand the value of careful planning and prudent decision making. Seemingly insignificant decisions often have important impacts on both the short and long term success of a project.

Through the Strategic Project Planning commitment and capabilities, The Dobbins Group is distinctively qualified to deliver clients the highest quality service.

strategic project planning
Deliver competitively differentiated advice, recommendations, drawings, etc. to allow clients to make timely, informed decisions.
Define customized project specific goals, requirements and delivery process based on each projects unique needs.
Commit to pre-planning and timely dissemination of information -scope, schedule, cost- whether it is requested or not.
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